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Our vision is to be the top innovator in the Permanent Makeup training industry. We want to be the finest, reputable and distinguished training institute in Hawaii. We are committed to help our students be successful by delivering quality training and services. We continually work hard to grow and maintain a learning environment that embraces learning one of the fastest growing business in the beauty industry today.
As the leading Permanent Makeup beauty establishment on Maui we have consistently met the desires, needs and expectations of our clients and students. Using only the highest-quality products in the permanent make up industry today. We build and maintain partner relationships with our students as well as all others based on trust and respect. We strive for a pleasant learning environment and do our best to provide quality training and support for our students and for the community. Our responsible stance is reflected by our support for the best educational experience offered in this industry today . Being aware of our responsibility, we take particular care to make sure that our students will be successful. A Perfect Look Maui Academy is an effective learning experience that will facilitates students to exceed their career goals.

About A Perfect Look Classes

Kimberly Castillon is the Owner and founder of A Perfect Look Maui. Originally from Kailua on the Island of Oahu, she has lived on Maui for over 35 years. Her Academy is located in the historical town of Wailuku, Hawaii where her family had resided in the same location for over 130 years.

Kimberly has been mentoring woman in the permanent makeup beauty industry for many years. Her determination to become a leading permanent makeup artist in Hawaii has led her to master permanent makeup complexities and solutions for all ethnicity.

As a beauty expert, mother of 8 (6 sons, 2 daughters) she is formally a High school and Elementary school educator who possesses an innate ability to teach, lead and produce a class of highly successful individuals. She stands strong on her belief that every student will leave her with knowledge and insight that they did not have when they entered her program. She is the only certified "Softap, Inc" instructor in the Hawaiian Islands.

"It is vitally important for me to give back to an industry that can drastically change peoples lives." –Kimberly Castillon

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A perfect look academy is a member of, and meets the requirements of AAM (American Academy of Micropigmention) code of ethics. They are also a member of the National Cosmetic Tattooing Association

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